A girl violently arrested in a class room

A girl violently arrested in a class room


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A video caught a Police officer violently arresting a girl inside a class room. The video shows a South Carolina school resource officer standing over the girl while she was seated.

“He puts his arm near her neck, then yanks her backward. The desk tips over and the student crashes onto the floor” CNN reported. This didn’t end, “The uniformed officer doesn’t let go, sharply tugging the student toward the front of the classroom. She flies out of her desk and slides several feet across the floor” CNN added.

While this brutality was happening, only the officer’s voice was heard. Everybody in the classroom was quiet and one of students was covering his face with his hands.

Although, many are pointing out that the videos aren’t complete. According to Lt. Curtis Wilson, a spokesman for the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, the girl was asked to leave the class room many times, but she refused. Then the officer was called to remove the girl form the class room.

This incident shows  the power of the social media in a democracy.  It has become very easy to spread a story of injustice all over the country just by using a phone. This gives power to young students and anyone to stand up for their rights.  It makes it easy for the people who are investigating to make a judgment if a person is guilty or not.  It could also have the risk of passing a judgement without all the evidence.  In America all of us; citizens and the police force are innocent until proven guilty.