A House Divided Shall Not Stand


US Capitol on the evening of January 6, 2021 – Reuters News

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On Wednesday January 6, 2021, the center of the American democratic republic; the US Capitol building was violated.  The building is a meeting place for the business of government.  The law making elected officials or Congress; US Senate and the US House of Representatives, were gathering at 1:00pm to certify the votes for President-Elect Joe Biden.  On Social Media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, President Trump invited his followers to gather at a rally and he said “It’s going to be wild”.  The rally and the right to protest is a civil right but when you speak of violence this becomes a crime.  This group violated their right by acting against the law and against the government.  They acted violently.  They destroyed property and endangered life and safety.

Trump supporters entered the US Capitol as a protest against the government business of US Congress certifying the vote for Joe Biden as the winner of the election.  They did not want to remove Trump and certify the votes for Biden.  The Trump supporters thought their actions were good and patriotic. They were chanting “Trump is President, Christ is King!….USA! USA!”  Trump voters believed that their jobs have come back and that President Trump makes America great again. The mob was angry because of the words of President Trump.  President Trump said to the crowd, We will never Give Up!  Walk down to the Capitol because you will never take back our country with weakness.  Fight like hell!”

As a result of these actions one week later, On Wednesday January 13th 2021, the United States House of Representatives voted to Impeach President Donald Trump with only one week remaining in his Presidency. The House of Representatives wants to punish President Trump for the crime of treason and inciting violence. They want to accuse and hold a trial that could dismiss any lifetime benefit Donald Trump would have from being the American President..

How do we as Americans solve this problem of great anger, division, and sadness?

Many Americans are hurting and frustrated.  What do you think is a way to move forward?

Americans need to stop fighting one another because it will only bring more shame on America from the eyes of the world. We will only gain respect again if we stop fighting each other. In order to gain respect we must be honest and humble about our problems. What the protesters did is not a good action for any citizen. They put people in danger. We disagree with them.  For many years history has shown that those who know how to speak things win, not those who fight and shout. 

 What should leaders say?  

We see President Elect Joe Biden sad because he loves his country. He does not seek power but  he does care about the people and our unity. If those who did that in the Capitol loved their homeland as they say they do then they would not have hurt their country like they did on January 6th 2021 at the US Capitol.

How do we find unity? What must we believe and act upon?

We agree with the belief of President elect Joe Biden and President Abraham Lincoln who said

“ A house divided shall not stand’’ before the civil war in 1858.  Joe Biden said on January 6, 2021 leadership is  “not the pursuit of selfishness but the common good.”

– this publication is a combined effort of the ELL government students in period 5.

Maikol, Adolfo, Abby, Noman