A letter to candidate Hillary Clinton



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Dear Hillary Clinton,

I truly appreciate what you are trying to achieve in this country, if you are elected as president. Being the first female president will only contribute to the revolution of this nation. It is time for a change, and America should be represented by someone who is knowledgeable, fierce, compassionate, and trustworthy. I solely believe you will be America’s voice, you will not let our values fade away, and you will continue the legacy President Obama is leaving behind.

An area of concern for me is, what you will do moving forward, if selected president, about police brutality, and how you will contribute to African American communities to help begin the healing process between officers and the people. What will you do so minorities will not fear walking past their doors and be worried about police officers taunting them or being afraid to even go near them, because of the disturbing sights they have seen already that have resulted from miscommunication between an officer and a minority. Will you be able to understand how people feel when they hear an officer, who was in the wrong, was not convicted, and that to “settle” the tension, he is on a paid leave? Today, there has been no justice for the families who have lost their loved ones to police brutality.

Another issue I wish to address is immigration. I do not agree with mass deportations, and although your views on the matter are not as extreme as Trump’s, you still find fear in those who are in this country illegally. Mass deportation will only cause more tension and reflect negatively back on this nation. I feel that we should help those who are here undocumented, who afraid to apply for a VISA, because the face deportation. These people aren’t any different from you or I. They deserve the right to be viewed as Americans. This country is based on off of

A silhouette showing a police officer striking...
A silhouette showing a police officer striking a person, symbolising police brutality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

freedom and being able to express your rights, and I feel it is time to actually exercise that value and help those who are in fear of the government.

I appreciate the time that you will take to view my letter, and I wish you the best in the final moments of your campaign. I hope some of the issues and concerns I have addressed you will take into consideration.

Your fellow supporter.