A Minnesota Student Was Not Welcomed Back to School



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A St. Paul, Minnesota senior was trespassing on school grounds and was asked to leave. He no longer went to that school as he had been transferred to a different school.  He was forced to leave by the school officer. The officer was searching for this 18 year old boy for about an hour. When the officer found the male student, he came and threw the boy against a wall and then on the ground. The boy was trying to call for help as he was being maced. Many students heard this and saw this so they caught this on camera. There were no signs of this 18 year old senior resisting arrest.

Cop’s force in St. Paul Central trespassing arrest criticized


This officer took his authority and power way over and above legal boundaries. The students actions also went outside his own boundaries of authority because he was trespassing but it seems the officer violated this boy’s basic civil liberty. In a way, this officer violated this boy’s property and privacy because even though this boy was in the wrong, the officer should not have personally thrown this boy to the ground and used maced. This boy has every right to sue this officer for the mistreatment.  This type justice is  procedural justice.  It means that citizens need fair treatment when a law is enforced and judged.  He got all his proof on camera. The private devices that we have as citizens to record events as they happen bring a new way of seeing the truth when seeking justice.

I think that this was mishandled.  The officer could have used a  more proper and efficient way. The officer should have approached the boy and told him that at least he is under arrest. If he did not cooperate then he should have given the boy a warning to not resist. Then and only then, I believe the officer could lay hands on this boy.

Here is some more information about human rights. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-rights/civil-rights/human-rights/when-can-a-public-authority-interfere-with-your-human-rights/