A Nation Of Immigrants


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The term of immigration is the action of coming to live permanently in a non-native country.  In fact, The United States is a perfect example because we are a nation of immigrants from all around the world. It all began way before the United States was colonized; it basically began when we were found and it counties until today. The Europeans were the first group to arrive here; and they were all from different places as well such as Jews, Germans, Dutch, French, and English. Most of them eventually settled in the Middle Colonies since it was the most similar to their life conditions because it allowed for the development of the city life.
Others settled in the frontier where land was free. At the same time, the slave trade occurred; traders brought a large number of enslaved Africans to America. Other large groups immigrated at same time as well, such as Jews and Irish people. All these people came here for different reasons, just like today. Some chose to come here for religious freedom, some made the decision to come here to own land and run their own business, some were forced, and others came here for safety
We all face different problems; thus we all found to the same solution. Our Nation keeps growing day for day, millions of immigrants arrive constantly and that’s what makes us as strong as we are today. We are all from different places but are united under the name of America. In fact, just the name of our country makes it clear, The United States, we started as an untied nation build of people from all around the world who keep succeeding and that what made us one of the top countries in the world today.
In my opinion, one of the biggest secondly reasons that make people choose this country in particular, beside all the reasons listed above, is that here none of us would feel left out. There is all kind of people here; I’m pretty confident that for example a Spanish person would rather choose to be here and blend in between all of us than going to let say China where he/she would feel one of few who are different. Here we can all be equal and have the same rights not because the way we look or talk, but because we are all human.

Source (U.S History Text Book Pg. 34-40)