A New Meaning to Freedom of Choice



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Thanks to a company named Xero Gravity Action Sports, which revealed its plan on Wednesday February 11th, 2015 to build a $309 million extreme sports-themed resort near Kissimee. Along with a luxury hotel, the resort is set to include a “14-story ski and snowboard mountain with nine snow tubing lanes,” as well as a “snowball fight arena.”


The company statement revealed that the resort will also feature attractions for warm weather as well as cold. They include:

-A 5 acre surf pool with up to 10- foot waves

-A boogie boarding area

-A 25,000- square-foot indoor/outdoor skateboard park

-A USA-BMX sanctioned race track

-Two skydiving pods

-A 20,000-square-foot indoor dodge-ball trampoline arena

-A rapid river

-A 140- foot rock climbing wall

-Zip-lining throughout the park

-Two 14-story water slides

-Jump zones offering 20-to-120-foot free falls

-An interactive four-story climbing/zip-line/ropes challenge course

I picked this specific current event because I plan on moving to Florida shortly after graduation. I think its a great Idea for them to have a multi-seasoned resort. Dubai is known for having a similar business in the center of its desert so why cant we have one in one of our tropical states? I love all of the activities that they have managed to combine into this one resort because it gives you the freedom, and options of doing anything you want! Imagine going skiing or snowboarding, then wanting to go in the hot tub or even tanning right after.