A Broken Family

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My sister lives on the mantelpiece a novel by Annabel pitcher is a book I’m currently reading for my English class. A summary of this book is, Jamie the main character and his family are falling apart. The reason why is that a family member was lost, Rosie who dies of a terrorist bombing. Jasmine is Rosie’s twin sister, she can’t escape the pain of losing her twin. Jasmine and Jamie are on a mission to find out a way to fix their family broken bound. Since this tragic moment made their parents separate, Jasmine is Jamie’s leader since she is the older sister, and both are going through their family problems together.
Chapter one talks about the problems that started to take place after Rosie’s death. Rosie and jasmine are remembered to look and dress the same by their parents. Of course their personalities very. When Jasmine turned fifteen she decided she wanted to look different and start a new chapter of her new life. She dyed her hair pink and cut her hair, her parents were upset, it was the only way they could look into jasmine-like if it was Rosie.
When Jamie’s parents separated him and his sister decided to live with their dad since their mother was having an affair with someone. Ambleside is the new place they are staying at, they live a cottage and liking their new home. Jamie doesn’t have any sad emotions toward his sister’s death, He was five years old when it happened, so there wasn’t much bound between him and rose. He tries to remember special moments with her, His parents, on the other hand, force him to write about her at his new school’s writing project. Jamie is going through a rough time fitting in into his new life, slowly he progress to be a good person.