A Prayer for Peace



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When we as humans set aside our differences to come together for peace we can help lead things into a better direction. Pope Francis and the Vatican met with Israeli president Shimon Peres and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas earlier this month. The meeting was set to hold a prayer for peace for the nations after the  last meeting with the U.S failed.  Pope Francis invited the two nations for a second welcome to come together. Francis, who extended the invitation during his trip to the Holy Land last month, was praised by Peres as a “bridge builder of brotherhood and peace.”  

 The Holy Land is symbolic of the worldwide struggle for peace because it is home to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Western Europe and America has traditionally supported the political and religious values of Judaism and Christianity by favoring the security of the nation of Israel.  Many Muslim nations are more sympathetic to the Palestinian Muslims who feel like they have been pushed aside by Western political power.

On this earth we are all brothers and sisters.  At times arguments happen, but learning to accept our differences and reuniting to work together is when we put ourselves to the test of how strong are we as humans.  To give in or compromise personal viewpoints does not  make people weak;  it ironically means that you are brave enough to accept your faults. Many of our world leaders fail to do so because of the rank of power and how we as humans interpret uncompromising views as true political strength.

I believe Pope Francis has a brave heart to join brotherhoods together for prayers and help restore peace. And just like in the cold war when nations sat side by side; religions and presidents came to unite for a hope of peace and a stop to the tragedy of a divided world. Many have paid the price because of the effects of wars and religious differences. Like the pope said “I hope that this meeting will be a journey towards what joins us to overcome what divides us.

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