A society cracking? Racism after the election.

Anger, fear and greed in America

Anger, fear and greed in America


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After the 2016 Presidential election cracks in our society seemed to be more visible. Have we all become more racist?  I have two years of living in this country and I really like the opportunity to be here because everybody in my country wishes to be in this great country. Many Latinos have different reasons for being here like for their family; like in my situation or to get a better economic situation or the insecurity in our home countries.  I am a worker in a restaurant who just tries to make my own money, but sometimes I have been treated like I am not a human. One time I remember that somebody asked me for my green card. I got so mad with this customer and at the same time so disappointed. I did not say anything to this person, I just called to my partner and let him take his order. I don’t like the stereotype that the people have about Latinos. Not every Latino is a thief, rapist or killer. We have to know that everybody is important no matter their race, religion, or color.

After the 2016 election there are many headlines about acts of racism and hate crimes.


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Greed and fear cause racism.

Racist Incidents Are Up Since Donald Trump’s Election. These Are Just a Few of Them


Now I am going to leave a video about this topic. This is a video about anti-racism activist Jane Elliott

“We hate because we are taught to hate…there is only one race; the human race.  There is no gene for racism…pigment in your skin has nothing to do with your intelligence or your worth as a human being, its time to get over that.”

-Jane Elliott