A Texas Police Officer Loses Emotional Control



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A Texas Police Officer was caught on video dispersing a crowd of teenagers at a community pool. The Officers actions are under scrutiny for his handling of the teenager. The officer was filmed unholstering and pulling his weapon as another group of teenagers approached him while detaining female. The officer is now on administrative leave pending further investigation from Dallas police department.

The problem in this particular case is the one officers treatment of the teenage girl who he wrestles to the ground. Racial issues were called into question based on the fact that officers were white and the predominant number of teenagers were black.

Unfortunately the few are speaking for the many lately. There have been a few cops who have stepped out of line and crossed boundaries. Displaying true racial discrimination.

I don’t believe in this situation it was the case of racial discrimination.  I think this one officer just had a bad day and made bad decisions.

Cops across the United States need to undergo further training and evaluations.  Part of this training simply needs to include EF skills like better emotional control under stressful situations.