A Tragic Loss in the Skies Over Colombia



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On Monday November 28/2016 a terrible crash happened. The airplane was coming from Brazil and heading to Columbia. There were 77 passengers on the airplane; 71 of them died and only 6 survived. The cause of this crash was that the airplane ran out of fuel. At this moment the airplane ran out fuel that’s all we know.  Who could be held responsible?  An investigation will lead to answers hopefully.

I am really sad about this tragedy because as a soccer fan who has watched them play in person, I feel as though I knew most of the people who were on that airplane. I feel that this was a really scary situation for the family members. I understand the feeling of the families and also the feeling of the fans. I just can’t believe this crash was about fuel.  It seems impossible to believe this. We all know that airplanes can crash but running out of fuel seems like a simple problem to solve. People should be more serious about airplanes. They should put more attention to airplanes and make sure each airplane is secure for the passengers.

At this moment there are some investigations about this terrible accident. Bolivia said on Thursday that it was immediately suspending LAMIA’s operation certificate and would replace the management of its aviation authority in the wake of the crash, to ensure a transparent investigation. It said the moves implied no wrongdoing.

LAMIA Chief Executive Officer Gustavo Vargas on Wednesday said the plane had been correctly inspected before departure and should have had enough fuel for about 4-1/2 hours.

“It’s a decision that the pilot makes,” Vargas told reporters in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. “Weather conditions influence a lot, but he had alternatives in Bogota in case of a fuel deficiency.”


Map of the route taken by the Chapecoense team