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There have been too many cases where people have passed away from this horrible disease. Addiction is something that everyone on some level can experience but some become victims in a tragic way.  Drugs in the present day are causing people to make bad choices and bad decisions. Drugs aren’t necessarily automatically making people do things that aren’t right, but they make it so that people don’t think straight. When people don’t think straight they tend to make wrong choices. When people make wrong choices it usually puts people around them in danger.  It is never good to endanger yourself and others.

Drug abuse is a serious problem in the United States, especially among teenagers. According to National Drug program website 7.5 million American teens aged 12 to 17 have used drugs at least once during their lifetime. Teens start to experiment with drugs from a young age and do not think about the dangers of drugs when they do so. It is well known that drug addiction will lead to problems at school, home and work.  It will affect mood, change your human system and lead to depression. As a result, teenagers who use drugs have a risk for suicide that is over 95% of what it would be if they stayed clean.

Drug addiction treatment can work and change lives forever


There can be a positive outcome to this problem.  Bethani Temple, and Kelly Clixby started this program where patients with drug addictions have a place to turn to.  Motivated by staying clean from their past with drug abuse they spend their time giving the right advice and strength to help those in need. I like how the two ladies are trying to make a difference while there is still time.  It lets people out there know that someone cares and wants to become a part of the solution instead of being part of the problem…because with addiction and with life; you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Instead of people putting down drug addicts we should comfort them and do our best to help. So I hope from this information you’re able to understand. Even though we may turn a blind eye to it, drugs will always be a problem in societies today whether we like it or not. But the most important thing is how we deal with it when it confronts us. Drugs aren’t a problem unless you make it one so take care of others, yourself and make the right choices.


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