Advantages of speaking more than one language

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English is among one of the most spoken language worldwide. It is a universal language that almost everyone studies for the purpose of better communication with people from different nations. The population here in the U.S is very diverse. People from all over the world immigrate to the U.S for different reasons, and since people have different backgrounds, most of them only speak the language they were born in. Schools currently have classes that is designed to teach young immigrants to communicate to one another in English. Obviously, learning more than one language whether it is English or other languages you are foreign to, can have advantages. One advantage besides being able to communicate in a different language is that bilingual people according to studies have shown that they have better cognitive mechanism, and also on memory tasks.

Overall, learning a different language can give you multiple benefits. Also, I personally find learning other languages is enjoyable because of how much you can benefit from it.