Advice to Young Teenagers

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Dear freshmen and young teenagers,

         My first advice to you is to keep your circle small. Remember that majority of your friends come and go. They will leave you at a point when you are struggling the most, and mostly in need. In a blink of an eye they can leave you in the dark. It is good to have the amount of friends that can only be counted on one hand. Not everyone is reliable and should be trusted. Do not get fooled by an innocent face and rely on them. It is very rare to have people loyal, loving, caring and respectful towards you.

Small circle = Less bullsh*t

Factual quotes you might hear and/or seen:

  • “Less friends, less drama, more money. Keep your circle small”    
  • “Don’t trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar.” 
  • “Haters gonna hate and want to see you fail”

People try less of being who they are and more to be cool like others. Have passionate in your own style and interests. Just be you! Do not mind others.. People will always hate, you can be a millionaire yet have haters still watching you to fall. Make sure you are drama free because life is more than gossip and fake friends. Life is too short to frown and think of negativity, you should always remain positive and work with pride and joy.

You have to struggle to make it… Not everything is easy.


Focus in succeeding in life. Education is one major key to success. Your future employment is severely limited without an education. School can be stressful but do not add more stress by skipping class. Skipping school can be fun and entertaining but you will regret it and most likely you will be falling behind. Now if you are falling behind, your stress level now increases like a snowball in a blizzard. Be smart and confident in your work and do not let anyone bring you down. Do not give in to what people say, not everyone has to be relevant nor all in your business. Keep majority of your personal issues and opinions to yourself. You never know who will run and tell the next.


Nothing is impossible! You can fix your mistake by owning up to your mistake and improve. When you attend your class for a test come in with an attitude of succeeding. Study the night before you sleep and after you wake up, therefore you will and shall be confident in passing your test. If you have confidence you will surely pass, but do not forget about praying and getting guidance from God.

Good luck and enjoy every movement and appreciate God for another day. You will always have up’s and down’s, as if you may heard of a “rocky road” always will have bumps across the way.. Never give up, show appreciation to your beloved because you never know when it will be the last. Life is not a punishment so if you are having a rough day, don’t worry, stay happy and remember nothing is impossible(: