Advocacy in a Federal Democratic Republic; Letters to our Legislators

Advocacy in a Federal Democratic Republic; Letters to our Legislators
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The United States of America is held together with an enduring and flexible Constitutional Government that can best be described as a Federal Democratic Republic. The United States Constitution is the only Constitution written in the 18th Century that still endures today.  It is written in a way that grants balanced and flexible power from the people and for the people.  This power is divided into three governmental forms or branches known as;  Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. We the People of Mountain View understand that good Government begins with self Government and good citizenship. 

What does it mean that the United States is a Federal Government?  The best symbol of our Federalism is the American flag.  The 50 stars represent the 50 individual state governments with their own specific constitutions in a united national government represented by the blue that surrounds all the white stars.  The 13 stripes on the flag represent the historic origins of 13 states at the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. 

What does it mean that the United States is a Democratic Government? In a democracy the people are the source of power.  The first three words of the U.S. Constitution are “WE THE PEOPLE”.  A pure democracy where all citizens have equal voting power is impossible however the “more perfect union” of the citizens remains the source and the purpose of our government.  The People are best heard and protected in the excercise of their rights and responsibilities.  The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights and they give people a voice government as well as a protection from government.

What does it mean that the United States is a Republic? Power in our Government is given by the citizens vote as representaives of the people are chosen by the majority with respect for the rights of the minority.  The representaives are given authroity to act and make decisions on behalf of the citizens.  There is a certain public trust that government will act in the best interest of the people while still allowing for the greatest freedom of self government.  In a Republic, citizens are encouraged to advocate and lobby their interests through their elected representatives.  We the People of Mountain view have chosen to excercise our first amendment rights as we practice advocacy and communication skills as citizens.


Letters to the President

Dear President Joe Biden, 

My name is Nicole. I am from the United States but I grew up in Honduras. I am 18 years old. I am a government student at Mountain View High School in Fairfax County Virginia. I have questions and concerns about what is happening in our country and our world.

I know that there is much that one person or one leader can not control.  I know the world is complicated. An important part of the issues that we are going through is the increase of prices for everything such as food and gasoline. Some people blame the government for high prices. I know that you have recently traveled to Europe and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made it more complicated. I spend a lot of money on gasoline; $4.50 dollars a gallon. It is insane that I pay 70 dollars to fill up my aunty’s car. 

I  have researched the facts that many countries have cut ties with Russia. I understand the reasons for high gas prices are complicated. But if you are making those decisions, how do we balance the good and the harm? Will the price of gasoline come down a little bit? Are you working to increase the minimum wage? Any reply from your staff is most welcome. As you might imagine, meeting you in person would be even better.



Dear President Joe Biden,

I am from Honduras. I am 18 years old. I came to the United States in February 2021. I am a government student at Mountain View High School, In Fairfax County, Virginia. I am grateful for this school which is providing me with a pathway to citizenship. An important issue is inmigration. I have a brother who came to the United States. He had to be in jail for more than a year. I do understand that it is really difficult to come illegally but, most of our community do it because we want a better future for our family.

In my opinion, I think it will be better if you sign a law similar to the Dreamers Act where hard working student immigrants like myself and my brother can be legal in the United States. That way thousands of people will live happily and we will not be afraid to be deported. Another fact that has caught my attention is why it is so difficult to help Central American people. But, most of the time the government welcomes refugees from other countries.

My questions are : Are you and your Vice President working for an Immigration reform? In your opinion,what should be the process to be qualified to obtain a green card?


A dreamer who is working hard to reach my goal.


Dear President Joe Biden

My name is Berlyn. I am from Guatemala. I have been in the United States for two years. I am a government student at Mountain View High School, Fairfax Country.     

An important issue is the Ukrainian refugees. I had learned in government class that you are welcoming more than 100,000 refugees. But, I am wondering if you already have a plan to welcome them. We already have an increase in prices for almost everything including gasoline and living supplies. I have seen your recent visit to Europe showing that we as Americans care about the suffering of the Ukrainian people. I have heard you promise to help rebuild after war and destruction. Do you think your decision to help support the Ukrainians will impact our economy or will it be the same?

I do understand that the United States is a country of opportunities that is why many of the people come to the United States. I am really grateful that you are helping people who need a lot of help. But , do not forget how hard it is already for the one who is living here, because we are not getting paid enough to have a wealthy life.                

          My questions for you our President are:

If we welcome refugees, do we already have a plan of where they are going to live?

Are they going to be able to work legally?

Is there enough budget that a country has to help all these people?




White House Kid Advisor, 10, Vaccinated on TV Like President Joe Biden |
President Biden visits with a student who was vaccinated on TV at the White House in December 2021



Letters to Congress


Dear Senator Mark Warner, 

 I am a student at Mountain View High School in Fairfax County, Virginia.  As an immigrant student, I understand that we need a change in the laws and policies for migrant aid programs.

An important issue is The United States seeks strategies in Guatemala to reunite families separated by Trump.  The facts I have researched are that in the mandate of former President Trump several Latino families were taken away from their children. It is a sad situation that they went through since many children were orphaned and alone in this country where American citizens can give opportunities to the most helpless of other countries.

My questions and comments for you are; can undocumented people enter a program that helps their families? What is the possibility that families can meet again? Will the United States and local state Governments help migrants this year? I think that everyone has rights as human beings; no matter their race, color and language.  It is unfortunate how cruelly people are treated. It hurts my heart to see those children cry and beg not to be separated from their parents.



Ms. Esteban


Dear Senator Tim Kaine,   

My name is Carlos. I am a student at Mountain View High School. I’m 19 years old. I am from Bolivia. I came to the country last year in 2021. Thank you for your service to the people as a Virginia Senator in the U.S. Congress.

The war in Ukraine is very concerning to many.  I understand that you serve on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. America must lead in the protection of innocent families from the enemies of democracy. 

How can you as a Senator help people from Ukraine?  What are some ways that citizens can help?  What decisions are you making in the Senate about the war in Ukraine? I have recently heard that the United States will welcome 100,000 refugees from Ukraine.  As a migrant to the United States I am thankful for the American welcome and I am wondering how we are going to help this new group of migrants?



Dear Senator Tim Kaine,

First of all,I thank you for being my representative and for the work you do for the population of Virginia and our nation.

My name is Alex Maldonado, I am a student at Mountain View school. I am very interested in the issue of inmigration, and based on that I gave myself the task of asking you a couple of questions,which are:

  • How do you and your team help determine inmigration reform?
  •  In your opinion, what should be the process of the law when a migrant seeks opportunity in the United States? 
  • I know we are welcoming 100,000 refugees from Ukraine. Does it matter where migrants come from? 

With nothing more to say,I say goodbye to you,hoping that you have read this little survey.  I hope you have a good day.

Thank you for your time and attention.



Ukraine Refugees


Dear Senator Mark Warner,

Hoping you are well, the purpose of the letter is to express my opinion about your work. I understand  you introduced proposals that would reform our immigration system to meet the needs of an innovation-driven 21st century economy by making it easier for entrepreneurial and highly skilled immigrants educated at U.S. colleges and Universities to stay here and create jobs after graduation. I congratulate you on this work that supports immigrants and the American economy. But that does not directly help older people, who no longer have the opportunity to continue studying since they are fathers and mothers of families. 

We as a people are being represented by someone with capacity like yours, it is to talk about immigrants who still do not have any status here in the United States. For example, many immigrants work for the good development of the country by paying taxes and working in different occupations.

I think we have the opportunity to access work permits, having a good record and not having committed violations of the law. I would like to know if you have thought about that and what strategies you will take to help working immigrants with family values, so that they can have a legal status.




Dear Rep Gerald Connolly, 

 I am a Government student at Mountain View High School. Thank you for your years of service. Thank you for your sincere help and keep up the good work.    

An important issue is immigration. As an immigrant, I would like to know about what the government is doing to help all the immigrants in the United States. We have the knowledge that immigrants are a big part of our community. We work so hard for our family and for our future. My hope is to obtain a legal status and pathway to citizenship.

Additionally, it is so difficult and expensive to get a green card. There is a long process which I totally understand. But, would it not be better to provide all the immigrants a legal status to live in the United States while they work and apply for a green card?  By being legal, we can support our country even more, because we will be able to pay taxes and by paying taxes we will help the economy to be better.

 My questions and comments for you my representative are: Why is it taking so long to provide green cards for immigrants? Is your family from another country?


A hard working student


A Letter to my State Delegate


Dear Delegate, David L. Bulova,  

 My name is Brenda, I’m 19 years old,and I have been living in the United States for almost a year. I am from Colombia. I’m a government student at Mountain View High School, in  Fairfax County. 

An important issue is Inmigration. In my point of view I have seen how some people treat us just because of the way we look or because we are not able to say how we feel or think about ourselves and the reason is because all of us have to learn a new language, (English). I am thankful that Virginia has public schools like Mountain View in Fairfax County.

 I see and understand the United States has the Statue of Liberty and it is because it is the sign of freedom. But, it is a contradiction because it is a country of immigrants where it is really hard to have a legal status. Even Though, we all work hard to have a better life also, we are a big group of people who work really hard for The United States and help a lot to increase the economy. 

My questions for you my state delegate are:

What is your thought about immigrants?

Is there a plan in Virginia to help immigrants in the future?

Why is it so difficult to get a green card?

I really appreciate your time and I hope you and your family are well. 



Green Card: Indian-American frontline healthcare professionals in Green Card backlog hold protest at US Capitol - The Economic Times


Letters to our Senators

Dear Senator Mark Warner, 

My name is Saul Lemus.  I am a government student at Mountain View High School in Fairfax County Virginia.  Thank you for representing Virginia in the United States Senate.  I understand that you are serving on the Senate Finance Committee for Energy and Natural Resources.        

An important issue for all of us in Northern Virginia is the increase of gasoline and living supplies. In the year 2022 the price of gasoline has risen to $4.50. What can legislators control in this price? How can citizens be helped? This affects the health and well-being of citizens who choose food or gasoline.

In my point of view, you as a part of the government should be able to talk about what is happening in the country. If the prices are increasing so much. Why do we as employees make the same amount of money? Can Congress affect the minimum wage?  What are your opinions about the minimum wage? Why is gasoline so expensive right now?  What are the laws about the trade of oil and gasoline?  Can Congress influence the price of oil and gasoline?  How much do we produce in the United States and how much do we import?


Mr. Lemus

How Gas Prices Compare Around The World [Infographic]

Dear Senator Tim Kaine, 

My name is Gabriela Munoz. I am a student at Mountain View High School in Fairfax   County Virginia.  Thank you for representing Virginia in the United States Senate.  I understand you serve on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to improve American diplomatic leadership in the world.

How will we as Americans stand up for democracy in Ukraine which is under attack now by Putin and Russia? We, the United States, will defend the people of Ukraine, with everything, for example, giving them a place to stay, giving them food because they need it a lot, giving them clothes, and medicines so that they are in good health, helping them in case you have wounds, we will help each other to heal them. We will give them everything they need so that they noce feel that they are alone in the world. We will support each other because we are all children of God.

 In my opinion, everything that is happening in the two countries is quite wrong. We are all human and we feel pain; we do not have to fight, on the contrary we have to shake hands and agree on peace. In both countries there are children and pregnant women and elderly people, Russia is bombing innocent people who are not to blame for anything, just like the soldiers who convene, they have their families and they care, in the explosions they die.  There are many deaths among Ukraine, but it is good to know that the countries next door are helping Ukraine with food and where to stay giving them medicine so that they are well. That is what I think about the war.


Gabriela Munoz

A Ukrainian soldier carries a child, helping a fleeing family to cross the Irpin river on the outskirts of Kyiv.
A Ukrainian soldier carries a child, helping a fleeing family to cross the Irpin river on the outskirts of Kyiv.CREDIT:AP


Dear Senator Kaine, 

My name is Kai and I am an Egyptian citizen who recently moved to the United States. You can imagine how much of a cultural difference I have experienced. Although there are a lot of cultural differences, I really feel comfortable and welcomed here. I already love it and I feel like I am at home.

I wanted to talk about an issue that seems to divide our culture deeply. I read about your opinion on abortion and I really like how you didn’t let your moral beliefs get in the way of others personal lives, and also how your point of view on it changed throughout the years. 

I wanted to know if you felt any pressure from either pro lifers or pro choice to make a decision? And what changed your point of view on that certain topic specially after years of voting against it and not supporting it? It is amazing to see someone in your position not letting their valid religious beliefs affect others’ decisions in their personal lives. 




What's in a Name? | Planned Parenthood of Delaware


A Letter to my Virginia State Delegate

Dear Delegate Helmer, 

My name is Tariq Aldalou. I am a senior at Mountain View High School.  I live in the house district that you represent in the Virginia General Assembly. Thank you for your service to the citizens of Virginia.

An important issue is education and the certification of people’s knowledge. The facts that I have seen are that without education and documents that prove people are educated you will find a big gap in personal opportunity. As an educated immigrant from the wars of the Middle East, I know the value of experience and education. My time in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon demonstrated to me that there are many well educated people who are not certified in their knowledge and therefore not recognized economically for certain jobs. I am aware that each state regulates education in the United States, however I am advocating for a program that could certify the knowledge of immigrants like myself when they come to the USA.In your view as a legislator could there be a better program that would allow for this? In my view it is essential for a 21st Century reality of global citizenship. 

My questions and comments for you my representative are to look at this topic and use your power and authority to bring the equality and fairness for people who are struggling to find a the basic ways to live a normal life, a family under one roof, have a good job full of respect far aways from racism and sectionalism. 

We can start to build one equal program that shows the abilities of the learner in many different sections. Starting from math, languages, and even life skills such as hair dressing, food preparation, car mechanics and sewing. By that we bring them a chance to certify the knowledge and skills that they already possess as they enter this country as we add efficiency to educate those most in need.  


Tariq Aldalou

Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all - Project - ISGLOBAL


Dear Delegate Bulova,

My name is Katie Velasco, I am a highschool student in Fairfax,VA. In Government class we are learning about the levels of representation we have from our lawmakers. I understand that you represent my district in the Virginia House of Delegates. Thank you for your service to the citizens of Virginia

 I appreciate your move toward electric power and transportation efficationce in Northern Virginia. You have also stated that climate action is an issue of justice; we all have the same limited natural resources.I know that we have decided to reduce our greenhouse gas pollution levels by 50-52% in 2030.    

I am concerned about the environment and how it will affect my future. My questions and concerns today are, will 50-52% be enough or will it really make a difference in 2030? Will we need to increase the percentage of that reduction and what will it affect us now for us? Are you involved in any national or global decisions? In class we are learning about the UNSDG for 2030, to what extent has virginia adopted

Thank you for taking the time to read and think about the issue I’m presenting today.


Katie VelascoSustainable development goals Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock


Letters to the Fairfax County School Board

Dear Fairfax School Board , 

I am a student at Mountain View High School in Fairfax County, Virginia. This school has allowed me to make progress in earning my high school diploma while preparing for motherhood in June.

My issue is that I like to thank Mountain View High School because they support young teens that are pregnant or they already have kids, and also I like to thank Fairfax County for having a school like Mountain View High School who help young teen moms with their education and providing them with stuff for their kids, for me Mountain View HS is a great school and it has given me an opportunity to keep going with study while I’m pregnant. Also Mountain View High School has an opportunity for people who came from another country and the teachers help students to speak up in front of the class and they help them learn English too. Mountain View High School is a small High School but it helps students to not be shy to speak or ask questions in front of the class. 

My questions and comments for you my Fairfax School Board are have you considered building more schools like Mountain View High School? 


A Grateful Student