Advocating For Animal Welfare; An Open Letter to my Congressman

Advocating For Animal Welfare; An Open Letter to my Congressman
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Gerald E. Connolly represents me in the House of Representatives 10th district.

(Issue: Animal Welfare)

An open letter to my Representative in the House.

Animal testing and cruelty towards them has been an issue since before I was born. There are thousands of animals out there in need, going through awful conditions and treatment. Some even legalized it due to the animals being used for products here in VA. Although, for not providing an animal’s basic needs, they are fined 250 dollars, the punishment arguably is not enough. Despite that, it only applies to dogs and cats. As an owner of an exotic animal, it’s enough that we take them out of the habitat, but the need to take care of them should also be required. In my experience, when it comes to seeing animal harm, I’ve lived in Bolivia for a little over a year and the treatment of animals are not the best. I’ve seen starving dogs begging for food, cats missing patches of fur, even small exotic birds in small cages. Having strict laws on animals will make a huge difference, because it’s not the sympathy of animals that stops people, it’s the laws directed towards them, the fines, that bother them. What will you, as a representative, do to reduce the harm that comes towards animals of all kinds? How are local animal shelters funded within your district? Are there any national laws on these testings?