Albino Experience!

Albino Experience!


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New Hampshire has all sorts of interesting creatures, from the white-tailed deer to the northern flying squirrel. In New Hampshire resident Susan Lichty saw outside her window was the last kind of animal she expected to come across near her home. Susan looked near her driveway saw what she thought was a white cat running through the grass.

What she found instead was one of the strangest animals on the planet. A albino porcupine! Yes I said it folks an all white porcupine. Such amazing animal only one in every 10,000 porcupines are born albino, making them an incredibly rare sight. The fact that Susan found one in her yard makes this truly a once-in-a-lifetime encounter! These delicate creatures are the most extraordinary animals to see in the wild, but not to get too close to them for obvious reasons, like there sharp needles spikes.

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