Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton

lil shmurda

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Today we are more aware of America’s ten dollar founding father, Alexander Hamilton. He was an important figure in american history for many reasons. Hamilton has become a symbol of the mixed racial families that formed America. He is a symbol simply because of what his life represents. Alexander Hamilton was born out of wedlock, raised in the west indians, and was brought up as a orphaned child but served as a cabinet secretary to America’s first President.

This clip is about Hamilton; a musical play that explained his life it went as far as Broadway, and after sold out tickets at the public theaters. He used history as a part of many of his scenes, he also attended Kings College, and became involved with the revolutionary cause and married Eliza Schuyler. Hamilton became a lawyer of the Bank of new york which used to be a decent paper. He presented that the federal courts would not have unlimited power but that they would play a role in the constitutional government.

Its very interesting something from so long ago in history can still be part of our world today, Hamilton inspired many people and I have learned some facts and would like to share some with you:

  • Alexander inspired the artist we have now to make great music.
  • I think he was one of the very first person who discovered how active recall really works
  • I would say that Hamilton was very smart and wanted to get things through people heads by his music.

Alexander Hamilton is an inspiration to me. A self taught master of  economics it really is incredible how complete a importance he had of what needed to be done to put the new nation on a sound economic footing.