“All the students liked him”

All the students liked him


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A couple of weeks ago, a school stabbing took place in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. The stabber is a 16 year old boy named Alex Hribal. After the rampage, questions of the teens motives emerged. Hribal is said to be a typical, ordinary student with good grades and comes from a good family. Nobody saw this coming.

Alex Hribal, 16, faces 4 counts of attempted homicide, 21 counts of aggravated assault.


His attorney has filed to have the case moved to Juvenile Court. I agree with this motion; I think that this case needs to be thoroughly evaluated. This student was never bullied, never showed any sign of aggravation, and has never been in any sort of trouble. So the question that comes to everyone’s mind: “Why?”

Should mental health be questioned here or has the issue of mental health become a cover up for criminals?