Alzheimer’s Disease



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English: Drawing comparing how a brain of an A...
English: Drawing comparing how a brain of an Alzheimer disease patient is affected to a normal brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s is a disease that is usually noticeable during ages 60 and 85.  You will not see it in young people.  There are many symptoms. This disease makes a person lose their memory.  They also are not able to solve problems easily anymore.  They are not able do things normally like they could in the past.  One example is if they use to finish puzzles easily it become more difficult.  Another example is they forget how to pay their bills.  You will see their behavior change without much reason. For example, they may be angry about something that never happened.  


There are 7 stages to Alzheimer’s disease.  In the first stage, you cannot really notice the person is beginning to have the disease,  In the second stage, people start to forget simple things like where they put their car keys. As the disease progresses, stage three shows up when people start to have trouble in all their daily activities. Stage four shows people have difficulty with simple math problems.  Later in stage five they may want to wear their pajamas when they are going to work.  Stage six is when they begin to forget about family and friends and don’t recognize them anymore.  Finally, the person forgets how to eat and becomes weak and sick.  At this stage the person will soon die.


There is no cure or treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. But, their are some ways to take care of yourself to reduce the risk. For example, there are drugs to resists the disease. For example, three popular drugs right now are Razadyne® (galantamine), Exelon® (rivastigmine), and Aricept® (donepezil).  Believe it or not, some people think drinking coffee reduces the risk of getting the disease.  This is because coffee has been known to help brain health. Finally, having a healthy lifestyle like doing exercises everyday, eating healthy food, and exercising mind could reduce risk of having Alzheimer’s.


A lot of people are still working on future treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease. For example gene therapy and finding better techniques to diagnose the disease can help those with higher risks of getting it.

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