America is Feeding Us Fake Food



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One of the rights we have as a consumer is to know exactly what is in the product we are buying. But how can we be so trusting?  Many ingredient labels we’re reading are false!

Ten percent of all American food is mislabeled. The US Food and Drug Administration is responsible for keeping consumers safe. There is evidence that shows they’re not keeping up with that job. The most frequently mis-labeled food is fish, oil, honey, and wine. 65% of extra virgin olive oil is diluted by a lower grade oil. Freshly squeezed fruit juice is really just from concentrate.

We’re not getting the nutrients that we’re suppose to get but that these labels are saying we’re getting.  A juice box might say 100% juice but if you look at the ingredients it’s a whole bunch of gibberish that we don’t even know about. What in the world is enzymes, sodium acid pyrophosphate, malt extract, or annatto? And why do they add coloring to foods? They want to make it seem as real as they can. 

Eating fake or expired food that’s being passed off as real or organic is one of my biggest fears. Why do you think our generation is getting so fat and lazy? Because we produce what our bodies consume.

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