American Nationalism through Propaganda

American Nationalism through Propaganda


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In World War 1 the American Government used propaganda to encourage citizens.  The Government showed the enemy as ugly but gave hope to the good cause of the allies. A major task was to raise money and supplies. Propaganda posters were used to convince the public to support the war.

 “Food is Ammunition Don’t Waste it” was a famous poster created by the  journalist George Creell.  This propaganda was a kind of biased communication designed to influence people’s thoughts and actions.  Homeowners and city dwellers planted victory gardens in their yards and public parks. In this time period many children worked after school to plant tomatoes and cucumbers in public parks.  The more people were able to feed themselves locally, then the more the government was able to save food supplies and ship them overseas to American and allied soldiers.

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I think these images gave people a purpose.  Everyone could fight to win the war.  The government showed the benefits of nationalism but didn’t show the horrible side of the war.   People didn’t think the war was a waste of money.  They knew it was dangerous but the propaganda gave them hope that the risk was worth it for the cause of victory.

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.
English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)