American political cartoons 1920’s



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This image shows that there’s an American family who is putting food on the table for his family. Outside their window the Dynamiters who is the banker and the employer are throwing a bomb of wage cuts, the bomb will burn everything. The artist feels sympathy for the family, he took his time to draw everything in the house with a lots of details. But the artist didn’t really care about the banker and the employer because they were trying to kill innocent people. The banker is cheering his employer by saying ATTA BOY. So, basically I think the bankers and the employers don’t care about what happens to people as long as they get money. Employers over employers is one of the main causes. Wage cut happened to be one of the main causes of Great Depression.

“Atta Boy!” says the BIG BANKER to the EMPLOYER/OWNER while the hard working American Family suffers the consequences.