Americans Before the European Invasion


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Indian tribes stretched from coast to coast across North America. American Indians where small tribe People, or small societies and governed by a chief who served as the religious, moral, and political leader of each tribe. In the picture it shows the Spanish arrival in the Caribbean, Central, and South America in the 1500’s. Britain did not want to be left behind during age of Exploration, and Began Colonizing from South to north, and from East to west. The French where more interested in trading with natives and did not colonize much In North America. Christopher Columbus, although he was Italian, he was hired by Spain to Explore new worlds and expand Christianity.

Columbus landing on Hispaniola, Dec. 6, 1492; ...

Columbus landing on Hispaniola, Dec. 6, 1492; greeted by Arawak Indians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think its amazing to go back in time and learn about native people and their culture. It is amazing to know how they cultivated the American lands and fed their tribes. They were nomadic they needed to travel, hunt, fish, and find the way to always follow there food. They did not believe in private property. They are the roots of our innovation in technology, our future since they were the ones who taught the first Colonies how to survive in America. Their teachings funded  business for The French, Spain, and England in a race of colonization.

English: The routes of the four voyages of Col...

English: The routes of the four voyages of Columbus. Español: Rutas seguidas por Colón en sus cuatro viajes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)