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Is president Obama making a smart move by opening relations with Cuba ?

Obama is going to leave a footprint on the world of history. If Obama gets to remove Cuba from the list of terrorist countries and restore a good relationship with Cuba and the United States then it will be a better future for both countries.   As we all know Cuba and the United States have a bad history with each other since Fidel Castro came to power as a communist dictator over 50 years ago.  Cuba became closer with the Soviet Union at that time and in the early 1960s the Cuban missile crisis brought us to the edge of nuclear war. The president of the United States was John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro for Cuba.

Now that the years have passed by and The United Stated is on peaceful terms with Cuba, president Obama wants to take Cuba out of the terrorist list. Everything is different now.  The leader of Cuba today is Raul Castro; the brother of Fidel. Cuba has become a better country. It is peaceful and wants to do business with the United States.

President Obama is making a good decision because we are all humans and we are not perfect. Countries need to learn how to forgive the past just like people do.  Cuba is an island only 90 miles from the United States so I believe that it is better to be in peace with countries that are close so we can work for the good of each other and avoid war.