An American City Trying To Get Help

The Forgotten Citizens of Inner City Baltimore face Violence

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Baltimore is asking the FBI for help because they can’t control the crime situation anymore. Three people were killed in the city last Monday. Now there are 101 homicides so far this year according to the police. Many people are worrying because they think there will be more homicides this summer. People who  live in this city just 1 hour north of Washington D.C. are scared about continued deaths of their neighbors and family.

Mayor Pugh is also asking the FBI to share its newest crime-fighting technologies with Baltimore Police, according to Baltimore Police Chief McCarthy. He said Mayor Pugh is hoping to make an announcement about additional federal resources sometime next week.

This is something to worry about because the United States is one of the wealthiest and most democratic nations in the world and this is not right. Maybe they need to have more security in this town, so people who live in here can live in peace. The Mayor of this town is desperate for help but some say the FBI is not the answer.

Why does violence occur in Baltimore? People do not know the real reason the homicides but most of the victims are poor black and white people.  The best way to fight crime is to find out what causes it. The community with the police department should come together as one to build better relationships and ask hard questions.   The kids in Baltimore are exposed to crime in the slums; they need good programs and youth groups to build community and citizenship and keep the kids out of trouble. Schools should focus more on the kids and have them join extra curricular activities after school. That’s the only solution for this problem.  The problem will not go away on its own and it will not go away quickly but we need to ask the hard questions to know the causes and not just react to the results.

This video is just one of many stories from someone growing up on the streets of Baltimore.  Basketball helped him but it was not enough.  The young people need so many more resources and programs to give them hope.

How can we focus on solving the problem?  What might be needed besides the FBI?   The FBI does not need to get involved into this if there were programs that give attention to those who are on the wrong path of life.  The community needs to see more leaders and officers who care about them and respect them.  The FBI is a national force of government investigation and enforcement but what is needed more is the local leaders and organizations to come together and serve one another with respect.

People think that if this situation continued the crime will increment this year and it will be historical for this town.

Mayor Asking FBI For Help With Investigating City Crime, Rising Murder Rate