An Apology for Michael Brown



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Thomas Jackson,  the police chief of Ferguson, MO, FINALLY apologized Thursday to the parents of Michael Brown more than six week after the black teenage was killed by police officer Darren Wilson. Jackson’s videotaped apology came as Brown’s parents held a Washington news conference calling for the Justice Department to take over the investigation. Ferguson anxiously awaits to see if the Grand Jury will indite officer Darren Wilson whose whereabouts are still unknown. Many think the tensions have died down in Ferguson, yet last week there were more face-offs between protestors and authorities, even Michael Browns memorial was destroyed.

“I am truly sorry for the loss of your son,” says chief Jackson in the videotape, where he reads from a written statement, “I am also sorry it took so long to remove Michael from the street. The time it took involoved very important work on part of the investigators who were gathering evidence. Please know that the officers and I meant no disrespect to the Brown family, African American community, or the people of Ferguson. They were just trying to do their jobs.”

The Brown family had no comments. Later into Thursday, family attorney, Anthony Gray, said in an interview, “We feel the apology comes at a time where the trust and the confidence in the police chief has already reached an all-time, and irreversible low. Dynamite, much less an apology, will do little to move people from their opinions at this point.”

Almost two months after Michael Brown was gunned down, NOW the police chief apologies for his departments actions? This is so appalling, is he just now realize how he messed up, and how wrong this shooting was!? At least now Thomas Jackson is acknowledging that the actions of his department were disrespectful and unprofessional. This story has sparked not only national attention, but the attention of the world. Darren Wilson needs to be indited, just like the police officer that killed Eric Garner in a illegal choke hold for selling single cigarettes to passing people who asked. Another unlawful death and act of police brutality.

This story relates to the democratic vales equality, life, and liberty. All people should be equal under the law no matter what their skin tone is and no matter what the crime is. Someones life is something that matters, Michael Browns life mattered. Who knows he could have found the cure to cancer if he had lived, but we would never know because a police officer took the situation too far. Police should have to wear body cameras , that are on at all time, so that when an incident like this happens, it is easy to tell if their acts are justifiable or not.


Michael Browns high school graduate picture