Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson


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Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States between 1829–1837. He was the war hero during the War 1812, and it made him very popular. In 1824, he tried to run for president, but he lost the president seat to John Quincy Adams, which is known as the corrupt bargain.  Jackson won most vote from people because he earned lots of respect from War 1812, but Adams won the president seat because he had more friends in the Congress. Henry Clay was the one who supported Adam, in return for cabinet seat.  Jackson and Adams were fighting for president seat again in 1828. At this time, Jackson made sure that everyone knew that the corrupt bargain, and he won the election eventually.

Jackson was merchant, plantation, and slave owner from Tennessee. He was from the South, and he supported state government over federal government. When he was president, he allowed the common white men to serve in government, but this was known as the “spoil system” because he only put his friends in the government jobs. Then, Andrew Jackson had vetoed  the Second National Bank because he thought that the Second National Bank had only benefit the wealthy in the North, but not benefit the common men in the South, which caused the five years economic depression including high unemployment.

Jackson also forced the Native Americans to the west from the Mississippi River, which known as Indian Removal Act. Many Native Americans had died during the long distance of walking which known as the Trail of Tears, but some of the Natives Americans had settled down in the state called Oklahoma now. Jackson had given the lands that he took from the Native American to the common men of the south since they supported his presidency. In addition, Jackson tried to gain more power by abusing his power to veto and using to intimidate congress.

Overall, even Jackson had done something bad, but he had improved the trade with European and south American countries. Even though he was bad for many people living in America, he was good for the growth of American power.

Do you think Andrew Jackson was a good or bad president?