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She’s completely different from me, the complete opposite. She’s lively and isn’t afraid to dance in the middle of the mall. She hates wearing black and she dyes her hair color like the summer sun. She’s this spunky hippie everybody loves. She’s my best friend, Annovis. I don’t really remember how our paths crossed but I’m so grateful it happened. Before her, I wasn’t really the type to get along with other females; I only hung out with guys and did what guys do. When I got introduced to her, we knew we were going to be best friends. She gets me, she understands my struggles. She makes my rainy days fun to dance in, the only person I wouldn’t dare to hit or get in a fight with. Even though we are complete opposites, she teaches me things I never thought I’d even want to learn.

The first day we hung out was so weird. She was so comfortable with me, like she knew me for years. I was kind of taken back and uncomfortable. “I have to pee, wanna come with me?” she asked out of the blue, smiling like it was no big deal. Before I could even answer, she grabs my hand and drags me into the bathroom with her. Like who does that? Who pees with a stranger they met literally twenty minutes ago? I thought she was so strange, I remember being so weirded out by the fact that I was in the bathroom with her, and for some reason, I didn’t mind afterwards. “What’s your name?” she asked me while she peed (ew). “Uh..Nini.” I replied, trying to avoid eye contact. “Aw! What a cute name, my name is Annovis.” She said smiling and she pulled up her pants. “Your hair is pretty, you’re pretty, what school do you go to?” “Uh, thanks, I go to Mountain View, it’s an alternative school in Centerville.” I said. We left the bathroom and she locked arms with me. The whole time I was thinking like “what is this being?” like she was a complete alien or something, she was so bizarre.

Whenever I look back on that day I laugh, because now it’s a ritual for us to use the bathroom together. It makes me smile whenever I think about all the embarrassing times she’s sung in a public place and had people giving us looks. Even though she humiliated me so badly, she built my confidence that I never knew I had, she broke down my walls and brought my weird side out, the side I never show, the way I act when I’m alone in my room. She knows all my secrets and about my OCD personality, how I hate when the door is cracked open; so she shuts them when she leaves the room. She knows that I love burgers and steak, yet she’s a vegan. She buys me food, and I know it kills her to watch me eat. Yet she still does it, because she knows I put up with her bs all the time. I don’t even consider her a best friend anymore; I treat her like my sister. She makes flowers grow in the darkest corners of my mind, and I completely hate how I spoil her in every way. She cries when I cry, and she laughs when I laugh. I consider myself lucky to find a best friend this early in my life that I know I’ll have for the rest of my life.