Another Man Killed In Police Custody

Another Man Killed In Police Custody


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In Savannah, Georgia 21 year Matthew Ajibade who suffered from Bipolar Disorder, was being detained by police officers when he reached for an officers taser gun and lunged himself at the floor. As a result of his actions he was physically assaulted by deputies, Ajibade was violently kicked and punched repeatedly and was also tased in the groin several times. After the altercation police officers reportedly hog tied him and put him in a jail cell. When deputies checked up Ajibade he was ruled unresponsive and later pronounced dead.

I believe that in this situation the officers could have used less force then they used, although I understand the stressful situation they were in it does not justify murder. Ajibade was being very violent and aggressive but that was only because of his mental instability. I think that these officers should have been charged with Murder upon watching the gruesome footage. The officers did not have to repeatedly kick and punch Ajibade in the face, that is not justifiable at all. Had they just restrained him and put him in a cell and left it at that he would have not been not killed.

I don’t think the issue with police violence in America is being addressed the way it should be. Police officers are blatantly murdering civilians with no regard for the law that they are supposed to enforce I understand the job is a risky and difficult one but I think if you are not ready to handle hostile situations in the correct manner you are not fit for the job at all. I think that to be a police officer you have to have some level of empathy for others and specialized training in high stress emotional encounters.