Another suspect bites as the crisis grows.



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Another suspect individual for the Paris bombing has been in Spanish custody. They believe what he has done was supply the shooter with weapons of mass destruction. Antoine Denevi, 27, was detained this month in a joint Franco-Spanish raid on a house in Malaga, Madrid police says. They believe that he had left fleeing from the supermarket siege back in January.

Now that they have this individual in custody they should really question him and not let him free. They need to know exactly where to find this mass destruction group that is “ISIS”. Not to exactly execute them but to always have eyes on them. From all these past events in Europe such as Paris and Brussels.  Governments should have suspects on a short leash and see their every move.

An additional two more suspects were detained down in Malaga, Madrid as well who authorities believe are tied to the Paris bombing as well. Even as they kill and arrest many it seems that state governments will end up not having any control over the actions of this stateless group because the numbers or terrorist recruits are unknown and the influence is global.

Europeans are very concerned about the immigration flow from places like North Africa and Syria.  The war on terrorism has so many unknowns and the governments that fight it seem to be fighting it on all levels of legislative, executive and judicial power.  Sometimes it seems the easiest thing to do is to “kill them on the battlefield” but as we continue to do this the question becomes, “How is that working?  Does killing terrorists with drone strikes and police raids lead to more terrorists?

By Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work, using data and information from these web sites:Eurostat dataset migr_asyappctzm (direct download)Eurostat dataset tps00001 (direct download)FRONTEX Migratory Routes MapThis base map by alexrk, CC BY-SA 2.0,

This graph talks about migrants that are moving out of their country or state mainly because of all the fear that is being brought to them in their homelands of North Africa and The Middle East.  The refugees are all moving towards western Europe and moving into countries such as Germany.  This is worrying the security of all the European governments.

For more information on what the United Nations are doing to address this crisis here’s a link:


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