Apocalyptic Possibilities

Apocalyptic Possibilities


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The possibility of a war with Ukraine could be “apocalyptic” but is highly unlikely, said President Vladimir Putin. Putin had told Russian media on Monday “I believe such an apocalyptic scenario is unlikely, and hope that it will never get to that point,” Putin is in agreement with the Minsk Agreement, Putin is very confident that the situation will be more stable once the agreement is put in place. The Minsk Agreement would be between Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany. The agreement also includes a ceasefire between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists and have both sides pull back heavy weaponry. There have been frequent ceasefire violations and Putin had said there’s no need for immediate action beyond the Minsk Agreement. Basically, no more international peace talks or the formal recognition of rebel separatist groups. In the past week the truce shows that it is crumbling. Shelling of Denetsk has increased. Obama-Red-Line

Ukraine’s National Defense and Security Council has reported 300 violations of the ceasefire and get this, the ceasefire is less than a week old. Ukraine has reported that its forces won’t back down until attacks from the rebels stop. Pro-Russian’s have also accused Ukraine of instigating violence. Putin has told the world that there is no chance of Crimea returning to Ukraine.

In Moscow, many Russians press the blame on the U.S. for the Ukraine Crisis. 81% of the Russians have a negative view of the U.S. this is the highest number since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Media that is run by the state say the U.S wants to impinge on Russia. The Kremlin’s propaganda seems to be working. Russia has denied sending troops to the Ukraine border and supporting pro-Russian separatists. The U.N states that more than 5,000 have been killed since mid-April. Many that were killed were civilians.

I highly doubt that the Minsk Agreement will do anything to stop a war. I believe the Crimea should stay with Russia because they did vote on whether or not they go with Russia or Ukraine.