Are you a Libertarian?



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What is the goal of the Libertarian party?

The goal of the Libertarian party is to make sure that individuals have freedom from the government. What’s most important to them is the right to life, the right to liberty of speech and action, and the right to property. With these values it allows the people to be their own individual in a Libertarian government. Liberatarian’s are also very “self” oriented but in the sense that individuals are in control of their own life with absolutely no restrictions or interference from the government for that violates everything the Liberals stand for. In the Libertarian platform, they view the role of the government to strictly protect our individual rights stated in the Bill of Rights but at the same time being a complete Free Market economy.

What issues do they value on their party platform?

Liberalists value personal liberty, economic liberty and securing liberty. Personal liberty for this party means that nobody has a right to come between the choices the people make and ultimately accepting the responsibilities that come with those choices — basically telling us to do what we do because Libertarians know we should be able to do it anyway! Economic liberty starts with a free market so that each person has equal chance in financial success, plus government issued taxes are no longer. Last but not least, securing liberty is seen as “the protection of individual rights because it is the only proper purpose of the government” as stated in their platform.

Would you vote for a Libertarian candidate?

If a Libertarian were a candidate in any election, I wouldn’t mind going out on a limb to vote for them. Their ideas are similar to what I think America should be following. I believe there isn’t enough privacy for people now-a-days because of the government.  We see everyday all the video camera’s at every light and authorities over stepping their boundries because the people in charge (Republicans and Democrats) have made it “okay” for the government to do. Libertarians call for a new way of running things which is probably more preferred by most people but sadly because of the lack of knowledge and support for third party’s, , the world may never know what could be.

Did you know there are libertarian candidates running for national office today?  Some of them are having a big effect as a “protest vote” to the parties in power.  One example is a pizza delivery man in the Midwest who is running for US Congress and is polling at 6% of the vote.