Are you the frog?

Are you the frog?


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This experiment in the beginning shows how the frog jumps immediately when it feels the high temperature in the container. Next they put the frog in the container before heating it up. The rare thing in this second trial is that the frog tries to adapt to the temperature. The frog in the last moment tries to jump, but it has lost all its energy, so it dies inside.

How can people in society be like this frog?

I got interested in this experiment because I saw one of my friends post it on Facebook. Before I watched the video I decided to call her to ask about this post. She did not respond. I sent a message asking how things were going in her day. She answered me saying she was frustrated because she had many problems in her life. So, after that I watched the video and I understood the metaphor behind this video.

The frog represents people who have a lot of problems. If these people decide not share or express their problems with somebody else then they are like the frog stuck in hot water. They start to be upset or even worse they start thinking about ending their own life. There are times where we may all feel like this, but In my case I prefer to tell to somebody and ask for advice. Everybody should have somebody to express how they feel because this gives a huge relief.

If you or somebody you know needs help getting out of the pot of anxiety, depression, PTSD, or OCD then this website will help get you moving in the right direction.

Down below I have posted the video of this experiment; this is not the one my friend shared but it gives a good explanation.

If this experiment is true for individuals can it also be true for society?

Do Americans need to do a better job of talking to one another about their problems?

The most important lesson is to act when the water starts to get too warm.  After the 2016 election many Americans are thinking that the water of our political society is getting hot.  The 1st Amendment allows us to jump out of the pot if the the water is too hot by protesting.

“Given how close and embattled the actual campaign was, I can’t say we’d have more or less police if the decision had gone a different way,” said Christopher T. Geldart, director of the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency. “But either way this was going to go, we knew we would be dealing with more folks requesting space for exercising their First Amendment rights. And that’s what we’re seeing.” – Washington Post–plus-many-protesters/2016/12/01/1764c78e-b707-11e6-a677-b608fbb3aaf6_story.html?utm_term=.7c7e214afb41