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Argentina has meaning to my life because, there is a lot of beauty to that country. Its probably one of the most breathtaking places iv’e ever been to. Argentina is full of land and green plantations. Although when you drive to the capital which is Buenos Aries its a completely different experience. It kind of actually looks like  New York City. Its such a city life compared to the drive out to Montevideo known as the land of the “red dirt”. Its full of pueblos and flea markets, which I find fascinating because I find a bunch of cute little artifacts and my favorite things which are jewelry. I love going to Argentina, there are less rules there. You can go out at whatever time you desire and its not dangerous at all, Its pure freedom.

Argentina has been an American frontier of land and natural beauty that has attracted European immigrants and business from the United States.  The US policy of dollar diplomacy is an economic policy that has invested the american dollar in Latin america for over 100 years. This can relate to both Argentina and American history because America uses Argentinian agriculture for some products for example we like to get meat from their cattle as well as their dulce de leche and their oil grains we use their wine too. Argentina is one of the greatest food producing and food exporting countries in the world, agriculture and animal husbandry have traditionally supplied the nation with 70%-95% of its exporting.


Below is an example of a research link on more information about Argentina’s and U.S history.