Attention Deficit Disorder



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Brainscan of brains with and without ADHD
Brainscan of brains with and without ADHD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is ADD or ADHD?

Attention Deficit Disorder is also called ADD or ADHD.  No one knows what causes ADD.  There are not really specific symptoms, it depends on the age. What we do know is that it affects the nervous system. Another possibility may be a result of taking drugs.  ADD affects 5 -8% of the population and is generally diagnosed with you are about 7 years old.

What is like to Have ADD or ADHD?

Some of the ways to figure out if you have ADD is if you are impulsive and immature.  This is because chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters do not work right.  It is hard to sit still or to concentrate.

What Can You Do if You Have ADD or ADHD?

The person who has this disability needs to go the doctor. The doctor may prescribe medicine or behavior modification. The environment has to be suitable. A suitable environment has all things you need to be successful.  This may include therapy and medicine. . The therapy depends on what the person needs and what will be effective so they can be emotionally and socially acceptable.

How Can a Person with ADD be Successful?

School or work may be difficult because they cannot do more than one thing at a time.  Examples of problems for people with ADD may be poor grades, fired from work, or have a home that that is disgusting because they are unable to remember to clean the house. But if they get a medication that works and the therapy they need they can live a productive life.

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