Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness


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Most children with autism get diagnosed around age 5 but it could also be diagnosed earlier. Sometimes parents notice problems making eye contact or other early signs of autism, some doctors still dismiss those concerns, there’s a study saying child will “grow out of it.” That can delay diagnosis and a child’s access to therapy.  Certain pediatricians aren’t able to diagnose if a child has autism. Diagnosing autism often starts when parents notice several differences in their baby’s development.  The child might not make eye contact as much as other babies do, or he might not be grasping objects at 6 months. Other early signs include not smiling when smiled at, or not responding to a familiar voice.

Above is a link from the Center for Disease Control.  This is the official government organization that advises doctors and the public on all major issued of public health.

There should more awareness campaigns.  This is the democratic value of  truth and education. Do we need more laws or is awareness enough ?

I have a brother who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 years old. Doctors wouldn’t say anything about it, however we had a neighbor who was more like family and would come to our house mostly everyday. She noticed my brother wouldn’t look you in the eye when anyone would call his name. Mom went crazy the first few months she thought it was something tragic to be concerned of but honestly as the years past by she and everyone else in the family noticed that these kids are angels sent by god. Autistic kids can see, and feel things some of us humans can’t. They’re very smart and most of them grow out of it, and even some of them have invented great things in this world. There are different kind of autism levels none of them are bad or anything like that. My brother has improved a lot and now says lots of sentences but all of them are in English there’s a few he sometimes says in Spanish, but the best part is he is growing out of it and we are enjoying every little or big new thing he does everyday. It’s like having a baby at home you have to take care of him/her and also you’re enjoying every different achievement he/she is giving.