Baby Born In War Torn Country


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In Syria a mother was in her home when a drone struck and caused shrapnel to fly lodging a piece of metal in her stomach were she was pregnant with her baby. She immediately rushed to the hospital with her three children who also were  suffering from shrapnel injuries. The doctors immediately rushed the mother to emergency surgery and miraculously the baby and the mother both survived the life threatening injuries. This story just shows how bad the crisis in Syria is and how the entire world has a responsibility to intervene.

In Syria  children are becoming victims to the violence that is surrounding them. Families are being torn apart by ISIS and other militia groups reeking havoc on the citizens of the country.  The wore torn country is experiencing  severe turmoil . Families are being separated, people are dying and people are fleeing the country.   The former president Bashar al- Asaad is the commander and chief of the Syrian Military. He is one of the many people responsible for the genocide in Syria.

The war in Syria  is causing a world issue. Syrian refugees are escaping the country in hopes of seeking asylum and a new start in life war free. A lot of countries are skeptical to the idea of allowing Syrian refugees into there borders which is in my opinion awful. I believe that it is every surrounding nations responsibility to care for these innocent lives in need of help. I don’t think that there should even be discussion on this issue but instead action because these are lives we are talking about. I believe that everyone has the same right to peaceful, and free live and we should help Syrian refugees attain these natural rights again.