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People know him by his vine as “Damn Daniel” Strolling around with his white vans. On February,21 2016 the entertainent web site Huzlers published the story about Daniel Lara and how he was robbed and “hospitalized” for the famous “white vans” although many stories have been published on this topic many people believe he could have gotten robbed, but hospitalized over shoes is just an over exaggeration. In addition the entertainment web site Huzlers created a fake listing on ebay for the Damn Daniel shoes.  At the moment the shoes are going for  approximately $50,300.

Even though the shoes have nothing to do with the actual star Daniel Lara people seem to be bidding high on the shoes. The shoes in general at the most could go up to $60 brand new plus these shoes that the site has for sale aren’t even tied to Daniel but the bid is high up there for them.

I searched on Ebay and did not actually find them but people seem to be taking their old white vans and quoting the Damn Daniel thing and putting them up for sale. Some people even went out and bought the shoes brand new and have them for sale now online for $1000 and up. I personally don’t believe any of the stories out there mostly because who is going to want to go through all that trouble to steal a kids used  $60 dollar shoes and try to sell them for thousands of dollars. Most of all no one is going to want all those charges against them for shoes. If you’re more interested in finding more information on this topic feel free to look on these links.

“Damn Daniel” Teen, Daniel Lara, Hospitalized After Being Beaten and Robbed for His White Vans