Banking Reform I$ Needed

Banking Reform I$ Needed


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What does it mean that the United States dollar isn’t Gold standard? The American economy is not standing on solid ground.  Instead of the free market capitalism that we like to believe has been a pillar of our democratic republic we have become dependent on the political whims of a dollar based on faith and belief in the system of credit. .

These articles below explain:

If the Dollar Isn’t Backed by Gold, What Happens Next?

What Really Backs the U.S. Dollar?

The US dollar essentially has a non-existent value.  So if the US dollar is a debt dollar then what’s the piece of paper in my pocket worth? Depends on how much money is in circulation. The ‘federal’ reserve system is ironically what we abolished when we declared our independence from England. The English rule at the time was giving the colonial economy debt in the form of interest charged for every value earned. Our federal reserve system is run by big banks, the well known 1% of the population of earth who own most of the world’s wealth.   It might as well be a return to mercantilism but in modern times the monarch has been replaced with the elite of wall street and the Federal Reserve insiders.

Yet today the largest banks are still engaging in reckless practices that provide short-term benefits but ultimately threaten their solvency. Because they enjoy the comfort of an expanded government safety net (which includes federal deposit insurance and access to loans from the Federal Reserve), these giant firms and their executives can continue to create and benefit from boom-and-bust cycles, privatizing profits in the bountiful years and socializing their losses when they fall.

Reforming the Banks for Good

This is frightening to most people, to find out their money isn’t worth anything. You see by taking America’s dollar off the gold standard they have handcuffed us to their debt dollar, charging the US Treasury interest for every dollar printed just like the central banking system in England, that our founding fathers worked so hard to avoid.

” A world banking system was being set up here, a superstate controlled by international bankers, acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasures. The Fed has usurped the government.”- Louis McFadden former member of the House of Representatives.

We the people should do everything in our power as American citizens to fight for our freedoms and our finances. Whether this means a new revolutionary war, or peaceful protest, we need to stand up and say something. These systems of central banking have been failing time and time again, because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The constitution gives us the right to rebel against a tyrannical government. The whole Revolutionary War and the lives lost during it are now calling for action. Our forefathers frown at our sheepish qualities, and self preserving behavior; there is no sense of the common good when it comes to the present American economy. The Revolution was fought not only for our independence of government, but our independence of banking, a decentralized system was called for, unlike the central banking of England in that time. The colonies were in too much debt caused by this mercantile system of heavy taxing and high interest.  America must wake up and take back its wealth in the new fight for life, liberty and property.