Batmobile for Halloween?



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A couple days ago in Nolanville Texas, Ray Storey, a disabled veteran decided to build a lifesize Batmobile replica before this Halloween comes. Ray Storey is currently going through many disabilities.

“[I have] fibromyalgia, degenerated disc disease, they want me to have surgery… they have me going to all different kinds of therapies,” Story said.
“I can’t focus on the pain. I have to focus on life.”

Ray Storey wants to finish this Batmobile, also knows as the Tumbler, by this Halloween.

“The Tumbler is a very complicated vehicle,” Storey said.

He started to think about this project about a year ago wanting to be a hero for his children. He did not start to build this until just a few days ago. Storey announced that he had already put 30 to 40 hrs into this. Ray Storey wants to build this replica so that his children will have a good memory before he goes into surgery and might not be able to do anything. He stated that Batman is very real because Batman is human.

“No magical powers – just a little bit of money, and little bit of intelligence, and a lot of hard work. I’m trying to be that kind of super hero to my kids,” he said.

This vet has so much talent. He is a great father to his kids and he is a great hero to our country. He shows us and the handicap that there is much more to life than sitting around feeling sorry for ones self. This man is a great role modal to the people of United States. Not only should we think about this special family, but how does he have all this time for it. What made him want to do this in the first place? Why are government services not enough to take care of veterans?

Why don’t we take better care of our veterans?

As veterans day is coming up fast, on November 11, we should keep this veteran in our mind for all that he has done. But Storey is not the only one we need to keep in our mind. There are well over 21.8 million more veterans that have served our country.

What is the government agency tasked with caring for our vets?

These vets have many such as health care, burials and memorials, compensation, home loans, educations and training, life insurance, and vocational rehabilitation. They also have suicide prevention, and veterans choice programs. Veterans will come home and be completely different from when they first started in the military. So much happens to them while in war. If they were to come back home after their work is done and they have no help, they could be dangerous to other people. For example, PTSD: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Veterans Day 2016