Be Kind to Yourself, for You Hold Endless Possibilities

Be Kind to Yourself, for You Hold Endless Possibilities
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You and I have walked completely different paths. Thus, we’ve internalized many things, encountered many things, and ultimately formed different life paths. Have you ever felt as though you were so burdened by the negative voices around you, voices that constantly sing against you? The feeling of being pinned down, scrutinized, and belittled? Though we have walked in different directions, this feeling is well known by all. 


Do not live your life through a lens tinted by others. Many people will express to you their honest worries about the path with which you have chosen to walk. Sometimes, they will introduce doubt into a place where it doesn’t belong. Isn’t seeing the world in rose better than seeing dark blue? Why is it that we would choose to worry and doubt when the nonresistance of the positive is clearer and more beautiful? Most would choose goals that do not fully embody who they can become, and would rather underachieve for fear of failing. I believe in a mindset of impossibilities. For if you worry, at least worry about something worth worrying for! Often the things we worry about do not benefit from our nervousness. In fact, the things we worry about the most, are most in danger of being ruined by our negativity. Have you ever had something you focused upon intensely, suddenly and rapidly take the form of the thing you most worried about? Have you ever studied incredibly hard (for fear of failing, no doubt), and still got a low score on a test? Perhaps you missed a winning shot that you know you should not have missed, because the game depended on it? Perhaps you constantly introduce doubt to your plans, and thus they fall through before they are even realized. 


The world is a mirror that reflects back to us our most earnest desires, and our darkest selves. Sometimes a message about ourselves is only waiting to be received, hidden in those around us, reflecting their own traits back onto us. We are often receiving introspection in the form of others. Though we are on different paths, many lessons are familiar. We sometimes dirty ourselves trying to resist lessons that are too personal, there are thousands of easier ways. Introspection does not have to include harshness. Though lessons are often taught in violent, unavoidable ways, this is only when we have built up resistance towards receiving the message. You must be ready for every part of your life to change if you wish for things to be different. We hold attachments to ideas, feelings, people, and things, and resist them leaving. This is only the world making space for new, more beautiful things to blossom. Once you take your focus off the injustice of not getting what you want, what you want shows up in fullness. What you want is always around the corner, the world wants to reward you with everything that you seek. Why push against the world? Let yourself be happy, let your life be easy, let your life be fun. Life is good as long as you let it be. Embrace the nature of this world, cry all the tears you can when things leave you, smile as hard as you can when good finds you. The more ‘you’ you are, the more you will receive the things that are meant for you. Be yourself unequivocally, for without you, humanity is incomplete. You make up a part of the whole, embrace your specialness, embrace your being. The world awaits you showing up in the fullness of your being; open the bright door of possibilities and step into a new world that is all your creation!


The question that we would ask is, how does it make me feel when I focus upon it? And if the answer to the question is, it doesn’t make me feel very good when I focus upon it, then we would say, true or not, it does not serve you. And if you will activate a different part of your vibration—the “truth” will shift.” (Excerpted from El Paso, TX on 3/28/02 – Abraham Hicks)