Becoming a heart surgeon

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Why is becoming a doctor  my dream job? 

One of my future goals and the most important one is to become a doctor. It is my life dream, and the only thing I am seeking for. A Doctor is someone capable of saving and helping others’ lives in ways that are not possible in other careers. I have been growing up seeing others as a doctor, and they really love their job, so automatically I got it from them.  There are two specific moments I remember that were powerful motivators for me.  As a young 7 year old girl I was in the hospital in Afghanistan getting a shot that would protect me from illness. I remember seeing a group of doctors talking about their patients. It was so passionate to watch how doctors try their hardest to help other people and save their lives. I fell in love with this job and I am trying my hardest to achieve this goal, study hard and be the person I want to be for this country and people. The second memory I have is when I was 14 years old in Germany. I had my 2 weeks internship at a hospital as a nurse. I was helping patients to eat their food, helping them change their clothes or make their bed. I have seen a woman giving birth to her child. It was also a heart surgery. It was so passionate to watch even though I wasn’t allowed to watch. This was one of the best days in my life.  


Many people pick this major to make money. However I always said to myself, “This job is not for making money as much to help people and save their lives”. People don’t have to pay to check their health. If they are not able to pay it is not a problem, you do your job as you should do and if you care about money in this career, you won’t be successful at it. That is how I initially began picking this major. Second, Another reason made me pick this major is that I feel inside of me that I can do something useful for humanity with this job, I have the feeling that I can probably add something to this career. I am always wishing to wear the white coat and be called by the doctor, it is not just a dream, it is my life for me. I believe I have the ability to deal with patients and help them. Medicine has many branches and fields, personally I love dealing with heart surgery. I am really looking forward to achieving this goal and to being able to help others and save their lives. 


What is a Cardiac surgeon?  Link:

A cardiac, or heart surgeon specializes in the surgical care of people of all ages with conditions and diseases of the heart and blood vessels entering and leaving the heart and lungs. Cardiac surgeons work with complex medical teams to diagnose and surgically treat many diseases, including coronary heart disease, heart valve disease, chest trauma, and end-stage heart failure.

What is the pathway in education that allows one to become a heart surgeon?



In the USA (and many other countries) medicine is a post-grad degree. The premed degree is like any other 4 year degree but one needs specific classes called the premed prerequisites. This degree is the basis of your further studies and does not qualify you to work in a hospital. Medical school is where you study medicine. It is a lot different from premed. Communication languages are also important ! And before medical school, prepare for the MCAT exam!


I am motivated to become a heart surgeon because there is a need for heart health at all ages.  I know that I will also be contributing to the Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health and Well Being for All; SDG #3




What are the statistics on heart health and heart disease as a leading cause of death?


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Heart disease costs the about $219 billion in the United States. High blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and smoking are key risk factors for heart disease. Several other medical conditions and lifestyle choices can also put people at a higher risk for heart disease, including: Diabetes. Overweight and obesity.

In Afghanistan there are a lot of people that suffer from heart diseases not only in Afghanistan but all over the world and most of them don’t have the money to get help. 

 In this video you can see what a Heart Surgeon’s day looks like. This video motivates me to work harder for my goal and reach where i wanna stand in the next 10 years.