Belgian Police Arrest 13 in Antiterror Raids



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As odd as it may sound Belgian law enforcement arrest 13 people throughout the country as they prevented what would have been an act of terrorism in the country. this happens while there were masses of mourns and protests against terrorism, but the police were able to single out suspects quickly and proceed to make the arrests.

Suspects are alleged to have been plotting to kill policemen. The city of Brussels states that they have arrested 13 people throughout the country that had been suspected of a plot to kill man, and women from the body of law enforcement. Police men say that the plan was just hours away from being executed. Two other alleged people who were killed in a firefight in the eastern city if Verviers on Thursday evening; Not only that, but two Belgians were arrested in France for taking part in the plot. Law enforcement says that the arrests started on Thursday. Several people who were involved in the plot say had been to Syria, and subsequently returned.

In my opinion the country of Belgium had a struck of luck at avoiding these incidents; if they wouldn’t have been able to stop the plot successfully maybe the world would be mourning not only for France but for Belgium as well. although Belgium would have suffered a huger amount of loss. This shows that after the attacks on France that individuals are capable of attacking countries that are vulnerable for their constitutions; and that Europe needs America’s help to defeat terrorism. It also shows that Europe is arming up their deference.