Benefits of weightlifting and doing other physical activities

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I remember growing up as a kid, people would always tell me that I am skinny and underweight. Back then I didn’t really care how much I weighted or how much I ate. It took me a long time until I finally realized I had to make a change in my life. It all began in my first year in high school, I was really intimidated of the people in my school because almost all of the students there are mostly into fitness and sports. In addition, I had a lot of health issues growing up as a child including vitamin D deficiency, malnourished/underweight, and I was asthmatic. Whenever I go to my doctor and do physical exam, my doctor encourages me to go out and be active; that was 2 years before I started working out. Before that I was mostly into gaming, and I would play video games up to 5-10 hours a day.

For me, weightlifting doesn’t mean that you have to do heavy lifting, it can be either lightweight, body weight exercise/calisthenics. So, what are the benefits of working out? There are many health benefits that are involved to working out, one example is that it can reduce your risk of having joint problems in the future. Also working out releases endorphins, which gives you that feeling good vibe, and overall improves your mood. Working out is a good coping skill to battle depression, and is much better than abusing substances which causes long-term health problems. Weightlifting can lower blood pressure thus reducing the risk of high blood. Lastly, you will also see physical changes in your body, working out results in bigger muscle mass for men and also for women, however, muscles in women will not be as large as men because women have lower levels of testosterone compared to guys.