Bieber’s Felony



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Justin Bieber is a famous pop star.. caught up in a felony on January 13, 2014 egging his neighbors house.

Los Angeles sheriff obtained a search warrant for Bieber’s house. Eight people were detained. Bieber’s neighbor told officers he saw Bieber egging his house. The amount of damage Bieber caused to his neighbor was up to $20,000.,0,899032.story#axzz2qaYRNpb3

In my opinion I think Bieber is very childish.  He let fame get in the way of his life. He thinks he’s better than everyone else and just because he has money he can get himself out of situations.   He believes he will get life handed to him because he’s a star. He’s not showing a good example to his fans and younger kids who look up to him. Unfortunately, in America some people think money makes them better and the law doesn’t apply to them. Sorry to break it to you. The law pertains to everyone. In my opinion rich people feel entitled, but every citizens has a responsibility.