Big Stick Policy



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President Theodore Roosevelt was the 26 president of the United States and was in office September 14, 1901 – March 4, 1909. Roosevelt’s new idea on foreign policy transformed America into a world power that still exists today. Big stick diplomacy is an American way of thinking that spread throughout the world which gave America the upper hand into evolving into a world power nation.

“Big Stick” diplomacy can be defined as staying neutral and creating a strong military presence with the purpose of intimidating other countries that share the same goal of becoming world power countries.  It also creates alliances with countries that want to benefit from American protection. Roosevelt used this policy to establish strong influence over Latin America and build the Panama Canal.


It seems to me like America is just a big bully but if we were not the bully maybe someone else with worse ideals would be the bully and that’s the sad reality of the world we live in today.

The “Big Stick Diplomacy” in my opinion is an act of good for America because it helped America become a world power, but at the same time is builds up the tension between nations and it leads to war.  The responsibilities of being one of the most powerful nations leads us to be seen as a global policeman and a problem solver for many different conflicts.  There is always the danger of being spread too thin.