Biker gangs goes bang bang!



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On Sunday  May 17, 2015, five rival biker gang got into a brawl. Police knew when it was getting out of hand when the stabbing and shooting started to come out. The brawl started because of a darn parking problem. When the police showed up nine people were killed, seventeen were hospitalized, and one hundred and seventy people were arrested. What the police saw more brutal then they thought they would. It is believed that the people who died or got injured were in a biker gang that was part of the brawl. After the brawl was cleared, the authorities had recovered more than 100 weapons.

Swanton said in his 35 years of law enforcement experience, “this is the most violent and gruesome scene that I have dealt with.”

Anyone who got arrested for the involvement of any reason of the biker gang brutal rivalry attack will face charges of engaging in organized crime in connection with the shootout or / and capital murder. It is up to the  prosecutors and investigators to decide. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission shut down the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco for the next week, because they believe there will be more violence will show up. Monday morning the commission will be suspending the restaurant’s liquor license so the agents can investigate. The investigation can yield from a fine to the permanent revocation of Twin Peaks’ liquor license.

I feel that once rival gangs have started a brawl, its going to be one hell of a brawl. I would not recommend anyone to break the fight up unless you are a law enforcement. Once the guns come out it is not safe for anyone who is just watching the fight or near by, and if you are near by then take cover because the bullets will be flying everywhere and a biker might accidentally shoot you even if your not part of the fight. All I’m saying if you see biker gangs or a biker gang brawl then you should stay away for your safety.