Blindness and Color Blindness



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What is Color Blindness?

Color blindness may be due to a lack of one of these pigments.  Sometimes color blindness can occur because of a disease of the retina or optic nerve connecting the retina to the brain. The causes of color blindness are unknown. Color is perceived by certain cells, called cones, in the retina of the eye.  These cones contain pigments (coloring matter).  This rarer form of color blindness is progressive and associated with a general deterioration of vision,

Blindness is different that Color Blindness.  If you are Blind, you cannot see anything.  It can begin with vision that is so bad that it interferes with an individual’s daily activities. If you can’t go out after dark, can’t see to drive safely, have trouble cooking and cleaning, can’t read regular print in books or on a computer screen, find it dangerous to use power tools, or are having trouble on your job, you may be legally blind or close to it.

Why is it Difficult to Live by Yourself when you are Blind or Color Blind and What Can You Do?

Color Blind people may have a hard time when they dress.  They cannot always see the actual colors of the clothes, so they may mix clothes that do not go together.  You may have trouble cooking too.  If the recipe call for green peppers you may use a red one.

Just because you are blind, doesn’t mean you cannot live alone. However, you will have to do things differently than someone who can see.  For example, blind people use braille to read and write. They use the sense of touch to read the bumps on the paper.  These bumps make words.  Blind people cannot walk without help.  They use canes and seeing eye dogs to help them know when to cross roads if something is in the way.

English: Diagram of a human eye with hyperopia
English: Diagram of a human eye with hyperopia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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