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Abolishing birthright citizenship may have pros and cons, I believe that the U.S should not abolish birthright citizenship.  Abolishing birthright citizenship will make it dangerous for young children to grow and live happy lives. One reason why birthright citizenship should not be abolished is that if we eliminate this process then there would be more undocumented citizens. What that means is that young children would be vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. This would make them feel less than the human beings they are. This will allow less protection and they’d constantly have to worry about deportation. That would threaten the safety of many young children as well. Another reason why birthright citizenship should not be abolished is because people will no longer be able to prove their citizenship with their birth certificate. This would create a longer process and create so much confusion. If our birth certificates no longer proves citizenship, it will also create legal complications, and will increase the expense to complete the process of finding out if a person is legal. My final reason why I do not agree with abolishing birthright citizenship is because of the fact that this is a fundamental part of American history values. The 14th Amendment states “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States” which means that any and everyone born on U.S soil has legal rights to become an U.S citizen. I believe that abolishing birthright citizenship will become a dangerous and complicated process and we need to help fight against the abandonment of this constitutional right.